Meet Our Veterinarians

Animal Health Services of Cave Creek has been providing pet care in Cave Creek since 1994. Our highly trained technical support staff is well versed in handling urgent and critical care. Staff members are hired based on experience and not just availability. Rest assured your pet will receive top-of-the-line medical care by experienced and caring professionals

Dr. Tanya Wyman

Dr. Tanya Wyman, a graduate of Washington State University in 1996, became a permanent staff member in 1997. She is a resident of Northern Phoenix, sharing her home with a vocally opinionated feline. Although Dr. Wyman has vast experience catering to our dog and cat friends on a daily basis, she possesses an exceptional interest in Avian medicine, and sees quite a variety of winged patients annually as well. Her fun loving, youthful personality finds her participating in marathon events and assorted fund raisers throughout our community, proving her to be a most pleasant member of our outstanding medical staff.

She volunteers at Liberty Wildlife to get her wildlife “fix” as well at Horses Help, a therapeutic riding stable that works with physically & mentally challenged individuals. As a horse leader there it takes care of her horse and 2-legged kids needs.

Dr. Wyman has 2 dogs, Carly (Dachshund) her ball chaser extraordinaire and Finn (Labrador Ret.) rescue dog that is funny and likes to go running with her. She also has a goldfish Ferris that she won at the fair. His claim to fame is that he is still alive!

Dr. Lane Smith

Dr. Lane Smith, a Midwestern University graduate, started as an extern with Animal Health Services before becoming an associate veterinarian in the summer of 2018. Growing up in North Dakota, his parents fostered his love of animals. Animals became his passion, keeping everything from snakes to birds, frogs to rabbits, and everything in between. He excels at canine and feline practice with an increased interest in soft tissue surgery. Having received his bachelor’s degree in marine biology, his passion outside of veterinary medicine is with his multiple fresh and saltwater aquariums. He continues to play his favorite sport, ice hockey, weekly. He enjoys scuba diving, traveling, and anything to do with fish tanks. He moved to Arizona with his wife in 2014. They share their home with two spoiled Golden Retrievers, Nala and Midas.

Dr. Whitney Forrest

Dr. Whitney Forrest graduated from Iowa State University in 2010. A Nebraska native, she has a love of the outdoors and is acclimating to the desert climate (mostly). She enjoys playing soccer, hiking, and has recently taken up golf. Her main veterinary interests are geriatric medicine and orthopedic and soft tissue surgery. She has also become interested in the more regional challenges including treatment/management of Valley Fever, wound management from wildlife including rattlesnake, coyote and javelina encounters, and mending wounds from overzealous herding dogs and their less than impressed equine friends.

Dr Forrest has a variety of pets including Penny (a Pomeranian), Oreo a sweet old diabetic cat, a chinchilla named Charlie and now 2 of her husband’s roping horses (Lena & Zan).