Dr. Forrest is a veterinarian in Cave Creek, with a special interest in geriatric care for senior pets, as well as orthopedic and soft tissue surgery.

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Dr. Whitney Forrest, Cave Creek Veterinarian

Dr. Whitney Forrest

Dr. Whitney Forrest graduated from Iowa State University in 2010. A Nebraska native, she has a love of the outdoors and is acclimating to the desert climate (mostly). She enjoys playing soccer, hiking, and has recently taken up golf. Her main veterinary interests are geriatric medicine and orthopedic and soft tissue surgery.

She has also become interested in the more regional challenges including treatment/management of Valley Fever, wound management from wildlife including rattlesnake, coyote and javelina encounters, and mending wounds from overzealous herding dogs and their less than impressed equine friends.

Dr. Forrest has a variety of pets including Penny (a Pomeranian), Oreo a sweet old diabetic cat, a chinchilla named Charlie and now 2 of her husband’s roping horses (Lena & Zan).

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