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  • Meeting Your Pet's Healthcare Needs

    Our veterinary team offers your pet's the core veterinary services they need to maintain their health, such as wellness exams, parasite prevention, vaccinations and dental care.

    Core Care 

  • Breeding & Nutritional Consulting Services

    At Animal Health Services of Cave Creek, our knowledgeable vets can give you insight and advice about breeding pure-bred cats and dogs and on your pet's nutritional requirements. We are here to help.

    Consulting Services

  • Now Welcoming New Patients

    At Animal Health Services of Cave Creek, we are happy to add new adorable patients to our Cave Creek family. We accept cats and dogs. We look forward to meeting you.

    Patient Information

Welcome to Our Cave Creek Animal Hospital

Animal Health Services of Cave Creek is a full-service animal hospital offfering comprehensive veterinary services for cats and dogs in Cave Creek and beyond.

From preventive care and surgery to diagnostics and dental care, our diverse and varied offering of services can meet all of your pet’s unique healthcare requirements in one convenient place.

We treat the companion animals of Cave Creek with compassion and care. And over the last 25+ years, we have established a reputation for offering quality care and friendly service.

Our experienced team of vets in Cave Creek is happy to meet the standards of veterinary excellence appointed by the American Animal Hospital Association!


About Our Hospital

Dental care, learn more

Dental Care

Your pet's dental care is a critical part of their overall health. Help keep their smiles white and healthy. 

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Preventive care, learn more

Preventive Care

Prevent common illnesses and parasitic conditions from developing in the first place with preventive care.

Learn More

Routine care, learn more.

Routine Care

Maintain your pet's health and catch any emerging conditions early when they are easier to treat.

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Surgical care, learn more.

Surgical Care

Our vets can help rescue and protect your pet's health with elective and medical surgeries.

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In-House Lab & Diagnostics

Our vets in Cave Creek use the tools from our in-house lab to catch arising conditions quickly to give you swift treatment options.

Most common veterinary illnesses, conditions, and diseases are easier to treat when they are found early. At our Cave Creek animal hospital, we have an in-house diagnostics laboratory that provides us with what we need to provide you with an accurate diagnosis to start treatment as early as possible.

In-House Lab

  • Rushed my pup here from the lake for an emergency visit, the staff took charge and took care of her right away. Just in general nice to know the staff care just as much about the well-being of your pet as you do.


Animal Health Services of Cave Creek | Cave Creek

Grooming Spa

Grooming Spa

We have a certified pet aesthetician on staff who offers grooming, spa, and dermatology services for your pets.

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Boarding at Animal Health Services of Cave Creek

Nutritional Consulting

Animal Health Services of Cave Creek offers expert nutrition counseling for the optimal health of your cats and dogs.

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Alternative Medicine

We offer alternative therapies such as acupuncture and laser therapy that work best in combination with traditional treatments like medications.

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Senior Care

The health of senior pets needs a higher level of care to keep them happy and comfortable in their golden years. We'll be happy to help.

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Pet Care Tips & Advice

Our Cave Creek vets have an informative blog that provides you with the tips and advice you may need to keep your beloved pets happy and healthy, such as advice on parasite prevention and information on common pet illnesses. Read our blog today!

What Is Whipworm in dogs? Causes, Treatment & Prevention

What Is Whipworm in dogs? Causes, Treatment & Prevention

Today, our Cave Creek vets discuss the causes, signs, treatment, and prevention of whipworm in dogs.

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Dog Knee Surgery

Dog Knee Surgery

Below, our Cave Creek vets discuss dog knee injuries and how surgery is used to treat them.

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Common Dental Problems in Dogs

Common Dental Problems in Dogs

Today, our vets in Cave Creek will discuss the causes, signs, and treatment of common dental issues seen in dogs.

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How to Stop & Prevent Periodontal Disease in Dogs

How to Stop & Prevent Periodontal Disease in Dogs

Today, our Cave Creek vets discuss the causes, signs, and treatment options of periodontal disease in dogs.

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New Patients Welcome

Animal Health Services of Cave Creek is accepting new patients! Our experienced vets are passionate about the health of Cave Creek companion animals. Get in touch today to book your pet's first appointment.

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Animal Health Services of Cave Creek
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