You can count on our Cave Creek vets at Animal Health Services to provide the breeding and nutritional consulting services you need at every stage of your pet's life.  

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Breeding & Nutritional Services

Whether this is your first time breeding your dog or cat, or you are an experienced breeder, our veterinary team is here to help. We are committed to ensuring that you and your animals have a stress-free experience as you move through the breeding process.

Good nutrition is the cornerstone to long-term optimal health for your beloved pet. That's why, when it comes to nutritional advice it's always best to consult a trained professional with knowledge of your pet's overall condition and any health issues your pet may be experiencing.

Breeding and nutritional consultations and services for dogs, Cave Creek Vet

Nutritional Services at Our Cave Creek Clinic

At Animal Health Services we understand that how confusing it can be to choose the right food for your four-legged friend. With so many foods on offer how do you know which is right for your pet? 

Your pet's dietary requirements will change roughly five times over the course of their lifetime. To further complicate matters your pet's breed, size and lifestyle can also impact their nutritional needs. That's why our Cave Creek vets offer nutritional consultations for pet parents looking to provide their four-legged friends with the best possible diet for every stage of their pet's lives.

Many pet owners turn to breeders, pet store employees and the internet for food recommendations, but unfortunately, a lot of this information doesn’t consider the scientific basis of various pet food diets.Your best source will always be veterinarians, as we stay on top of the ever-changing pet food market. Our experienced vets are always happy to help you find the best food to meet your pet's unique needs.

Breeding Services at Our Cave Creek Clinic

Our team of veterinary professionals understands the commitment and financial investment that goes into breeding and showing purebred cats and dogs.

You can count on our vets to provide you with the services and information you need to give your pet their very best chance for a  successful conception, healthy pregnancy and trouble-free birth.

At Animal Health Services in Cave Creek our experienced veterinarians offer the reproductive services you need to produce and maintain the healthiest breeding litter possible including:

  • Ovulation timing
  • Pregnancy diagnosis and management
  • C-sections

Dangers of a Raw Food Diet

Are you considering a raw food diet for your canine companion? While many pet parents are keen to try out this highly publicized diet as a way to keep their pet's healthy, but it may not be the ideal diet many believe. 

Learn More About the Dangers of a Raw Food Diet

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