Take care of your large dog's preventive healthcare needs with a Pet Wellness Plan. Plans for large dogs include all of the preventive veterinary care basics your big buddy needs for good long-term health, including wellness examinations, parasite prevention and vaccines.

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Large Dogs

Wellness Plan

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Large Dog Wellness Plan

44.1-88 lbs. as an adult

Services With Plan
Wellness Exam with Core Vaccination
Early Detection Panel  
1 Additional Exam  
Intestinal Parasite Screenings
Accuplex (Heartworm, Lyme disease, Anaplasmosis, & Ehrlichiosis screen)
12 Month Supply of Flea & Tick Prevention
12 Month Supply of Heartworm Prevention
SAVE $120.00

Get Unlimited Wellness Exams for an Extra $10/mo

If your pet isn't feeling well, the Wellness Plan add-on will cover the exam fee. If your dog appears to be acting strangely, bring them in for an examination with one of our veterinarians. This will ensure that what appears to be a minor problem today does not develop into a major medical problem in the future.

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