Dr. Cory Erb is a veterinarian in Cave Creek, and enjoys, art (mostly watercolor), geocaching, woodworking, and travel.

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Dr. Cory Erb, Cave Creek Veterinarian

Dr. Cory Erb

Though Doctor Erb comes to us from Washington state, he actually grew up in Page, AZ! Dr. Erb started out as a veterinary assistant in 2014 and received his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Washington State University in May 2020. He also lived in Mexico for 2 years and speaks fluent Spanish.

He has a 7-year-old labradoodle named Harper and in his free time enjoys, art (mostly watercolor), geocaching, woodworking and travel. He just celebrated 12 years of marriage and has 4 children. Dr. Erb as always had a passion for the wellbeing of both people and pets. He earned a bachelor's degree in psychology (with a minor in business management) in 2012, and in 2015 developed a concept for a new veterinary business model to improve the quality of life for veterinary staff, pets, and pet owners.

In 2018 he won 3rd place in a national VetPrep Idea Competition and is currently working on developing a software system and clinic model to execute his vision.

Dr. Erb is trained and certified to perform the PennHIP test, a radiographic screening method that helps veterinarians predict whether puppies as young as 16 weeks old may suffer from osteoarthritis (a symptom of canine hip dysplasia) later in life. This allows for effective early detection, prevention, and management to prevent or lessen the severity of hip dysplasia.

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