Pet Food Myths and Facts

MYTH: Corn is a major source of pet allergies. FACT: Less than 3% of dogs demonstrating allergies show allergies to corn, while 58% show allergies to beef. Beef, wheat, dairy, chicken, chicken egg and lamb constitute 93% of all allergies in dogs. MYTH: Dogs are carnivores (meat eaters). FACT: Dogs are actually omnivores, which means [...]

Pet Food Myths and FactsChristopher Beauchamp

Raw Diets

Recent pet food recalls have prompted pet owners to consider the safety of the foods they are feeding their pets. The nonprofit Companion Animal Parasite Council (CAPC)warns pet owners of the dangers associated with feeding pets undercooked meat. “We recognize some pet owners may choose to feed homemade diets in lieu of those that are commercially [...]

Raw DietsChristopher Beauchamp

Genetics and Pet Diets

Veterinary medicine is constantly changing, and scientists are always looking for new ways to diagnose and treat diseases. Genetics research is growing particularly rapidly, and it’s developing in many different ways. One area is in the ability to predict genetic problems in different breeds of dogs so we can eventually eliminate some genetic diseases that [...]

Genetics and Pet DietsChristopher Beauchamp

Weight Reduction Programs for Dogs

The Hill’s Prescription Diet Metabolic, available only through veterinary clinics, contains everything pet owners need to help their pets lose weight and live healthier, more active lives. Animal Health Services veterinarians recommend this program for dogs that are overweight, obese or obesity-prone. The Metabolic diet helps pets lose weight because it has: High natural fiber levels [...]

Weight Reduction Programs for DogsChristopher Beauchamp
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