Pet Nutrition Center

Picking the right diets for our pets is a challenge. Not only do their dietary needs change roughly five times over the course of their lives, but their sizes and breeds can require specific diets as well. The best thing you can do for your pets when it comes to their nutrition is seek advice from a trained veterinary professional. Most pet owners only ask breeders, pet store employees and the internet for food recommendations, but unfortunately, a lot of this information doesn’t consider the scientific bases of pet food diets. Your best source will always be veterinarians, as we stay on top of the ever-changing pet food market. Animal Health Services’ veterinarians are always happy to help you find the best food for your particular pet.

We carry Hill’s Science & Prescription Diets at Animal Health Services, and we recommend their pet food for many reasons. Not only are their foods well made, with quality ingredients, but they undergo rigorous testing to make sure pets thrive while eating their diets. Hills also offers a 100% money back guarantee, which many other pet food companies do not offer. They have also been instrumental in establishing industry-wide standards for pet food, and more veterinarians trust Hill’s than any other pet food company.

We’ve compiled a series of articles to help you with your pet’s diet:

Animal Health Services also created a series of videos on pet nutrition to help owners understand the complicated factors that go into selecting diets for our pets. Check out these videos to learn more about pet food!

Still wondering what food is right for your pet? Schedule an appointment at Animal Health Services and one of our nutritional consultants can help.