Dr. Wyman is the Medical Director as well as a veterinarian at Animal Health Services in Cave Creek.

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Cave Creek Veterinarian

Dr. Tanya Wyman

Dr. Tanya Wyman, a graduate of Washington State University in 1996, became a permanent staff member in 1997. She is a resident of Northern Phoenix, sharing her home with a vocally opinionated feline. Although Dr. Wyman has vast experience catering to our dog and cat friends on a daily basis, she possesses an exceptional interest in Avian medicine, and sees quite a variety of winged patients annually as well.

Her fun loving, youthful personality finds her participating in marathon events and assorted fund raisers throughout our community, proving her to be a most pleasant member of our outstanding medical staff.

She volunteers at Liberty Wildlife to get her wildlife “fix” as well at Horses Help, a therapeutic riding stable that works with physically & mentally challenged individuals. As a horse leader there it takes care of her horse and 2-legged kids needs.

Dr. Wyman has 2 dogs, Carly (Dachshund) her ball chaser extraordinaire and Finn (Labrador Ret.) rescue dog that is funny and likes to go running with her. She also has a goldfish Ferris that she won at the fair. His claim to fame is that he is still alive!

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