Sarah Meyer is a Customer Service Representative at Animal Health Services of Cave Creek in Cave Creek.

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Sarah, Cave Creek Customer Service Representative

Sarah Meyer

Sarah was born and raised in Lewiston, New York but moved to Arizona about 20 years ago. She has worked with animals for the last 10 years but only in the last couple in an official capacity.

Sarah has been on the AHS team since July 2022. She has 2 cats: a 14-year-old tabby named Mena and a 7-year-old flame point siamese named Gouda (like the cheese). Sarah says she is a nerd so she enjoys a good movie binge and obsessing over good fan fiction.

She loves anime but prefers the sci-fi or horror genre if she had to choose. Sarah wants to specialize in animal behavior but is happy to soak up any and all information related to the veterinary industry to round out her experience.

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