Test your knowledge of flea and tick risk for cats.

Find out what’s real and what’s not!

  • Fleas and ticks ignore indoor cats.
    FALSE – While outdoor cats are most susceptible, indoor cats can also get fleas and ticks. The garage, porch, and entryway are places that can harbor ticks, and indoor cats may investigate and lounge on adjacent areas like windowsills.
  • Cats that live in chilly weather can’t get fleas and ticks.
    FALSE – Both cold and warm climates are ripe for fleas and ticks. Even in cold weather, fleas thrive due to central heating, so protecting your cat all year is important.
  • City cats are safe from fleas and ticks.
    FALSE – Outdoor areas in the city, contact with visiting pets, and taking trips can put your cat in danger of getting ticks and fleas.
  • Indoor cats can be at risk from other pets.
    TRUE – Any pet that goes outside can be a carrier for fleas and ticks—that can attach to an unprotected cat.
  • Filthy shoes and clothes pose no risk.
    FALSE – Anything that comes in from the outdoors can harbor fleas or ticks. Those mounds of dirty laundry may also look interesting to your cat!
  • Cats should be protected when going to a boarding facility.
    TRUE – Exposure can happen in many places, and especially in areas where there are other animals. Some social situations, such as at boarding facility, are where fleas and ticks can be contracted. Keep your cat protected when boarding!