Our Cave Creek vets provide quality care for goats and pigs in need. From routine healthcare to treatment for injuries, we offer a wide diversity of large animal veterinary services.

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Quality Care for Goats & Pigs

As a farmer, producer, or just a pet owner you need to ensure your goats and pigs are healthy.

Our experienced vets at Animal Health Services are here to help with in-house services.

We offer a diverse selection of in-house services including routine vaccinations and pre-purchase examinations to correct reproductive issues, lameness exams, and minor surgeries. We accept goat and pig patients on a case-by-case basis, so please contact us with any questions about your specific circumstances or to book an appointment.

Quality Care for Goats & Pigs

Experienced in Veterinary Care for Goats & Pigs

Our large animal vets in Cave Creek provide compassionate care, with an eye on health and safety for both animals and their caretakers, who range from breeders to producers and farmers.

Our services for goats and pigs include:

  • Routine exams
  • Routine vaccines to vaccinate against disease (CDT and Rabies)
  • Treatment for injuries
  • Pregnancy checks
  • Health certificates

Our Process for Accepting Large Animal Patients

For our goat and pig patients, we follow a three-step process in initially accessing their needs.

  1. You call our practice and speak with a representative about the issue your goat or pig is experiencing.
  2. The representative you speak with will discuss the situation with Dr. Forrest, who will make the determination on whether or not we have the capacity to deliver proper care for the patient.
  3. Dr. Forrest will either schedule the appointment or refer you to the nearest emergency large animal veterinary clinic for immediate treatment.

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