Internal Diagnostic Center

At Animal Health Services of Cave Creek, we are equipped with top-of-the-line diagnostic equipment to provide immediate blood results and other rapid diagnostic screenings. These speedy test results allow us to begin any necessary treatments and procedures as quickly as possible.

Digital Radiography

Digital radiography offers early detection screening for younger and older pets. With the use of computer software, radiographic images are enhanced so we get perfect shots the first time. This software also allows us to reduce the amount of radiation exposed to your pet and our staff. By using digital radiography, we eliminate the need for hazardous chemicals and bulky X-ray film. All digital X-ray images can be transmitted via e-mail to pet owners and veterinary specialists if further evaluation is needed. All radiographs are reviewed by a Board Certified Radiologist to help ensure all information is obtained from each xray.

In-House Laboratory

Animal Health Services of Cave Creek operates a unique internal laboratory. We utilize a commercial grade analyzer that provides our doctors with accurate blood results quickly. This eliminates the 24-hour wait time that usually occurs when using outside laboratories.

Some of the blood tests we offer include:

  • Preoperative screenings before any surgical procedure, including spays and neuters.
  • Blood parasite testing in dogs for exposure to heartworm, a rapidly growing concern in Arizona.
  • Annual early detection screenings for older pets that can help identify and manage diseases as well as screen for cancers before they become life-threatening.

We are able to perform the majority of our patients’ blood work on-site. This means we have results fast and can start treatment a lot sooner. We also use an off-site laboratory for second opinions and for some specialized testing. In addition to our equipment, we stay on the cutting edge by using laboratory techniques and staffing procedures that provide our clients with accurate diagnostics and quick answers.


Telemedicine involves testing a pet at our office and sending results by e-mail to some of the best specialists in the country for evaluation. This allows our clients to get the absolute best veterinary service available without leaving Cave Creek. Most results are reported the same day as the procedure or the very next day. Another benefit of this service is that it costs less than visiting the specialist in person.


Animal Health Services of Cave Creek now offers ultrasound technology performed by our veterinarians. Our ultrasound machine provides the newest and most advanced ultrasound technology available in our field and also allows us to share images with outside specialists. Our veterinarians have been trained and certified in the use of our ultrasound. All ultrasounds are reviewed by a Board Certified Radiologist.