Bones, Muscles and Joints

Musculoskeletal diseases (conditions that involve bones, muscles and joints) can affect pets of all ages. They can have aches and pains like we do. But sometimes these diseases are hard to spot.

Bones, Muscles and JointsChristopher Beauchamp

It’s Spring and April is Heartworm Awareness Month!

Time to check for heartworm disease! Schedule your pet’s yearly checkup today! It’s April and spring is here! Worms in your garden…and worms in your pet? Eeew! Hold on, let’s explain… The worms you find in your garden mulch are not the same worms that cause heartworm disease in pets. Mosquitoes carry heartworms, and all [...]

It’s Spring and April is Heartworm Awareness Month!Christopher Beauchamp

How to Recognize & Prevent Heatstroke In Pets

Heatstroke is a life-threatening condition that results when pets cannot adequately rid themselves of excess body heat. Pets rely on panting to cool down. Although panting is a very efficient way to control body heat, it is severely limited in areas with high humidity or low ventilation. The intake of cool, fresh water improves the [...]

How to Recognize & Prevent Heatstroke In PetsChristopher Beauchamp

Dog License

Arizona law requires all dogs to be vaccinated against rabies and licensed. All dogs in Arizona need to be vaccinated against rabies and licensed. Many pet owners do not know this! Arizona law mandates that all dogs over three months of age need to be vaccinated against rabies and licensed by the county in which [...]

Dog LicenseChristopher Beauchamp

Infertility Consultations

Healthy, well-bred puppies are the result of research, planning, love and hard work. But infertility issues can affect even breeders who do everything “right.” At Animal Health Services, we will work with you to diagnose infertility problems in both stud dogs and brood bitches, and we will do everything we can to help your dogs [...]

Infertility ConsultationsChristopher Beauchamp

Pre-Breeding Exams

Frequently asked questions about pre-breeding examinations at Animal Health Services: What should my dog be checked for prior to breeding? Conscientious breeders obtain all appropriate health clearances on their dogs before breeding.  The most common of these tests are hip and elbow clearances, but there are a variety of other tests that may be recommended [...]

Pre-Breeding ExamsChristopher Beauchamp

OFA Orthopedic Tests

While the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) continues to place most of its attention on hip dysplasia, today’s OFA mission, “To improve the health and well-beings of companion animals through a reduction in the incidence of genetic disease,” reflects the organization’s expansion into other inherited diseases. OFA orthopedic evaluations take about one hour at Animal Health Services. [...]

OFA Orthopedic TestsChristopher Beauchamp

Pet Food Myths and Facts

MYTH: Corn is a major source of pet allergies. FACT: Less than 3% of dogs demonstrating allergies show allergies to corn, while 58% show allergies to beef. Beef, wheat, dairy, chicken, chicken egg and lamb constitute 93% of all allergies in dogs. MYTH: Dogs are carnivores (meat eaters). FACT: Dogs are actually omnivores, which means [...]

Pet Food Myths and FactsChristopher Beauchamp

Genetics and Pet Diets

Veterinary medicine is constantly changing, and scientists are always looking for new ways to diagnose and treat diseases. Genetics research is growing particularly rapidly, and it’s developing in many different ways. One area is in the ability to predict genetic problems in different breeds of dogs so we can eventually eliminate some genetic diseases that [...]

Genetics and Pet DietsChristopher Beauchamp

Weight Reduction Programs for Dogs

The Hill’s Prescription Diet Metabolic, available only through veterinary clinics, contains everything pet owners need to help their pets lose weight and live healthier, more active lives. Animal Health Services veterinarians recommend this program for dogs that are overweight, obese or obesity-prone. The Metabolic diet helps pets lose weight because it has: High natural fiber levels [...]

Weight Reduction Programs for DogsChristopher Beauchamp
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