Healthy Start for a Flock

As the cooler weather approaches us here in Arizona, you may be thinking about adding chickens to your yard. Backyard chickens have become increasingly popular over the last few years and have many benefits including daily fresh eggs, insect and pest control, and hours of entertainment. Many current and future chicken owners may like the [...]

Healthy Start for a FlockChristopher Beauchamp

Signs of Illness and Disease in Birds

As with any pet, it is important to recognize signs of injury, illness or disease in your pet bird. This is particularly important with pet birds as they often hide signs of disease, and typically have lower tolerances to disease and a reduced ability to survive certain infections or injuries, compared to larger pets such [...]

Signs of Illness and Disease in BirdsChristopher Beauchamp

Avian Household Hazards

Birds and their owners love the freedom of allowing their pets to fly around the house. Birds, after all, were designed to fly and it is wonderful to see them stretching their wings and enjoying our household environment. That being said there are many household dangers from which we must protect our pet birds. Some [...]

Avian Household HazardsChristopher Beauchamp
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