Dr. Simon Starkey

Growing up in Australia, Dr. Simon Starkey always knew animals of all types would play a large part in his future. He owned a variety of traditional and non-traditional pets ranging from snakes, lizards and lovebirds to guinea pigs, ducks and cats.

Dr. Starkey completed his veterinary training at the University of Sydney in December 2001. During his time at Australia’s oldest veterinary school, he undertook an additional one-year clinical research project into feline diabetes. He then moved to Ithaca, New York, to begin advanced graduate studies in epidemiology and preventive veterinary medicine at Cornell University. After receiving his Ph.D. from Cornell, he continued his studies with a two-year residency program in avian and exotic pet medicine and surgery. After successfully completing the program, Dr. Starkey became a board-certified avian veterinarian in November 2008. He served as examination vice-chair for the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners’ (ABVP) avian specialty program for two-years after being admitted into the organization.

Following his time at Cornell, he practiced avian and exotic pet medicine in Manhattan at a practice solely focused on the care of these pets. He then practiced in Queens and on Long Island where he saw cats and dogs as well as a wide variety of birds and exotic pets before moving to Arizona in 2012.

Dr. Starkey has spent the last five years managing the health of tens of thousands of bird, reptile and exotic companion animals at one of the world’s largest pet retailers. During that time, he spent one year working part-time at Animal Health Services, and his experiences during that year drew him back to Cave Creek and AHS as we seek to become the premier animal hospital for birds and exotic pets in Arizona.

Dr. Starkey treats the following exotic pets at Animal Health Services:

  • Pet birds including parrots, parakeets and lorikeets of all species; pigeons and doves; finches and canaries
  • Legally owned birds of prey
  • Pet ducks and chickens
  • All non-venomous reptiles
  • A wide variety of small mammals such as rats, mice, gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs, sugar gliders and rabbits

He does not treat primates (monkeys, chimps, etc.) of any kind, venomous reptiles, exotic cats like servals and certain African and South American exotic mammals including but not limited to African wild dogs, coatimundis and kinkajous.

Wondering if Dr. Starkey and the Animal Health Services team will treat a pet not listed here? Give us a call at 480-488-6181 and let us know how we can help.