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‘“K9 Blood Buddies”    “Doggy Donors”     “K9 LifeSavers”    “Animal Heroes”

Blood_Buddies_for_newsletter_2These are just a few ways to describe the life saving dog heroes that donate blood to keep a constant supply of affordable plasma and RBCs available to sick and injured canines. But these heroes are few and far between.

If your dog needed a blood or transfusion would the product(s) be available for your pet? Sadly, the answer is “maybe.” The canine blood and plasma availability in the Phoenix Metro and surrounding areas is inconsistent at best. With limited canine blood banks and some clinics only able to store limited products, canine blood needs are not being met today in our area. Often times the demand exceeds the available supply. Animal Health Services is striving to meet the demand for canine blood and plasma supplies by forming an elite group of canine heroes:
“K9 Blood Buddies”

Animal Health Services is screening potential canine heroes to be chosen to join the K9 Blood Buddies team. This screening process starts based on a list of criteria listed below. Once a dog meets the criteria and passes the blood screening process, they will be officially recognized as a “K9 Blood Buddy” that will donate blood to help build a canine blood bank as well as be on call to help meet the demand for canine blood products in the valley.

K9 Blood Buddies will be an elite team of canine heroes that will be recognized across the valley for their dedication of  Dogs United by Blood.”


Call Adriana at 480-488-6181 to schedule a screening for your pet or email us at: bloodbuddies@ahsvet.com


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