Complementing our conventional veterinary care, Animal Health Services of Cave Creek offers alternative therapies for your pet.


Acupuncture helps the body heal itself. This ancient Chinese practice utilizes hair-thin needles to stimulate the body’s nerve centers, improving blood circulation and releasing pain-relieving hormones. This virtually painless process relaxes muscle tissue and oxygenates the surrounding area, allowing the body to heal more rapidly. Acupuncture requires no pharmaceutical assistance, removing the possibility of overdose and adverse reaction.

Many general disorders can be treated with acupuncture including:

  • Alleviate neurologic and soft tissue pain
  • Allergies
  • Gastrointestinal issues
  • Musculoskeletal systemic problems
  • Skin conditions
  • Respiratory distress.

This is done by appointment with Dr. Lisa Lannen. Please contact us to schedule your pet in for a visit.

Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation (VOM)

Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation (VOM) is a healing technology that locates areas of the animal’s nervous system that has fallen out of communication, and re-establishes neuronal communication and thus induces healing. VOM is singularly the most simple, effective and safe healing modality in veterinary care to date.

What can VOM treat?

Routinely treated conditions are:

Acute and non-acute lameness
Progressive lameness
Hip Dysplasia-like syndromes
Intervertebral disc disease
Progressive myelopathies (“down in the rears” dogs)
Urinary and fecal incontinence
Unilateral lameness
Wobbler’s Disease
Diseases of the knee
Esophageal disease
Increased or decreased GI mobility disease
Digestive disorders
Performance problems
Behavioral problem
Agility dysfunction
Endocrine disease

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Hydro-Massage Ozone Therapies

Tender Paw Day Spa at Animal Health Services offers Hydro-Massage Ozone therapies for pets with all kinds of skin and health disorders.

Using the Ozone Machine during any therapy promotes faster healing times than without. Using our therapy products and the ozone machine you can see results that medications alone can’t do.

What is Ozone?

Ozone (O3) is an energized form of oxygen (O2) with extra electrons. Ozone is a naturally occurring component of fresh air. It can be produced by the ultra- violet rays of the sun reacting with the Earth’s upper atmosphere, which creates a protective ozone layer, or it can be created artificially with an ozone generator. At Tender Paw Day Spa we have a special Hydro-Massage machine that has the ability to generate O3 while the pet is getting a skin therapy. The difference between oxygen and ozone is that the ozone molecule contains three oxygen atoms whereas the oxygen molecule contains only two. Ozone is the most powerful and rapid acting oxidizer man can produce, and will oxidize all bacteria, mold and yeast spores, organic material and viruses.
Ozone is not only a very powerful oxidizing agent but also a very powerful non-chemical disinfectant. It has the unique feature of decomposing to a harmless nontoxic environmentally safe material, namely oxygen. In Europe, ozone is used for many purposes: color removal, taste and odor removal, turbidity reduction, organics removal, micro flocculation, iron and manganese oxidation, and most commonly, bacterial disinfection and viral inactivation.

2. Hydro-Massage & Skin Ozone Therapies
Understanding that Hydro-massage & Skin Ozone Therapies are not a drug or a magic bullet, it is recommended to always treat patients under the direct supervision of a licensed veterinarian. Hydro-massage and pet skin ozone therapies are therapeutic tools which can aid the groomer in regaining the health of the skin. In the end, the immune system has to do the work of healing the body and skin ozone therapy is best performed along with other treatment modalities in order to achieve the best results.
The number and frequency of treatments will vary with the condition being treated. A treatment plan is determined on an individual basis depending on the patient’s specific skin issues.

3. Conditions Ozone Can Treat


  • Dermatophytosis
  • Dermatomycosis
  • malassezia dermatitis
  • Candidiasis


  • dermatitis flea-allergy
  • dermatitis food-allergy
  • atopic dermatitis


  • moist seborrhea
  • dry seborrhea
  • for skin and coat nourishment
  • a force & barrier against
  • external agents.


  • trauma
  • surgical shavings
  • follicular atrophy
  • adenitis of sebaceous glands
  • follicular dystrophy
  • alopecia of color dilution
  • skin hydration


  • to combat proliferation of
  • bacteria and malassezia
  • that cause itching.


  • prevent or treat infection
  • encourage healing


  • soothe arthritic joints
  • post-surgical orthopedic joint
  • therapies –following
  • healed incision.

Laser Therapy

What is laser therapy? Laser Therapy is the application of a coherent light. The laser light consists of multiple light waves in which all the waves support one another. Laser therapy is a holistic, non-invasive, effective way to treat and manage many different conditions in pets. So, how does laser therapy work? The laser beam stimulates the cells and tissue to be healthy. It also reduces inflammation so that healing can begin. By reducing inflammation, the laser is also a great tool for helping to minimize pain of many chronic conditions.

During the treatment the pet may feel a painless tingling as the light enters the tissue and cells but it is very minimal. Laser therapy is a painless application of healing light. The treatment time depends on how chronic the condition is and the depth the laser light needs to reach to be effective. Most treatment though only takes between two and ten minutes and most pets show a positive difference within three or four treatments.

While no treatment can be guaranteed laser therapy has been proven to be effective in clinical studies and in rehab settings for both human and veterinary medical. Some of the conditions laser therapy can treat include acute and chronic otitis, intervertebral disc disease, hip dysplasia, cranial cruciate ligament, chronic pain and inflammation, degenerative joint disease, arthritis and much more!