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Dog License

Arizona law requires all dogs to be vaccinated against rabies and licensed. All dogs in Arizona need to be vaccinated against rabies and licensed. Many pet owners do not know [...]

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Progesterone Testing

Animal Health Services is equipped with fast hormone analysis! Animal Health Services offers same-day progesterone results! How? We have a VIDAS® diagnostic instrument that provides results on dogs’ progesterone levels [...]

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Infertility Consultations

Healthy, well-bred puppies are the result of research, planning, love and hard work. But infertility issues can affect even breeders who do everything “right.” At Animal Health Services, we will [...]

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Pre-Breeding Exams

Frequently asked questions about pre-breeding examinations at Animal Health Services: What should my dog be checked for prior to breeding? Conscientious breeders obtain all appropriate health clearances on their dogs [...]

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Your Cat’s Environmental Needs

Addressing your cat’s physical and emotional needs enhances its health and quality of life. Behavior problems are a leading cause of pets being surrendered or euthanized. These problems often occur [...]

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