Intestinal parasites, heart worm, infections and dehydration are very big deals.

By nature, animals are designed to disguise their pain and potential illnesses. Keeping this in mind it is essential to regularly examine and gather baseline blood values to allow us to monitor your pet.

Early Detection Panel is a physical exam of the inside of the body. It is performed for pet’s ages 1-7 years old as part of their annual exam. EDP is a package of tests composed of a Blood Chemistry Panel, a Complete Blood Count and a Urinalysis. An Early Detection Panel can assist in diagnosing underlying health conditions before your pet is displaying symptoms such as diabetes, kidney or liver disease. If these diseases are caught early we can begin to manage environmental and dietary changes and/or begin medications earlier providing your pet with the best quality of life possible.

  • Blood Chemistry Test- measures the levels of various substances in the blood. A Blood Chemistry aids in diagnosing diseases such as diabetes, liver and kidney disease.
  • Complete Blood Count- provides a detailed look at different blood cells and aids in diagnosing conditions such as anemia, infection and/or dehydration.

This is going to save you money & time, time & money but most of all it can save your pet from all kinds of problems you may not even know exist!