Animal Health Services Management Team

Nikki Binns – Practice Manager

Nikki has worked in the veterinary field since 1993, and enjoys working in all areas of the hospital. With a goal of providing exceptional customer service and professionalism, she joined the Animal Health Services team in March of 2005 and quickly became part of the management team. Nikki has taken numerous accounting, human resource, and veterinary management classes and has attended many veterinary conferences enabling her to successfully help manage many areas of the hospital. Originally from Southern California she moved to Desert Hills, Arizona with her husband and 2 children in 2002. Nikki has two daughters currently in college and shares her home with her husband, 3 dogs, 1 cat, 2 horses, a goat and chickens!

Dr. Tanya Wyman – Medical Director

Dr. Tanya Wyman, a graduate of Washington State University in 1996, became a permanent staff member in 1997. She is a resident of Northern Phoenix, sharing her home with a vocally opinionated feline. Although Dr. Wyman has vast experience catering to our dog and cat friends on a daily basis, she possesses an exceptional interest in Avian medicine, and sees quite a variety of winged patients annually as well. Her fun loving, youthful personality finds her participating in marathon events and assorted fund raisers throughout our community, proving her to be a most pleasant member of our outstanding medical staff.

She volunteers at Liberty Wildlife to get her wildlife “fix” as well at Horses Help, a therapeutic riding stable that works with physically & mentally challenged individuals. As a horse leader there it takes care of her horse and 2-legged kids needs.

Dr. Wyman has 2 dogs, Carly (Dachshund) her ball chaser extraordinaire and Finn (Labrador Ret.) rescue dog that is funny and likes to go running with her. She also has a goldfish Ferris that she won at the fair. His claim to fame is that he is still alive!

Michelle Bingham – Pet Insurance Advocate / Hills Veterinary Nutritional Advocate

Michelle “Chelle” Bingham has been with Animal Health Services since August 2013. Originally from Indiana, she moved to Arizona in 2008 only for the Arizona sunshine and warm temps!

Chelle also serves as our Lost and Found Pet Coordinator. She is passionate about helping lost and found animals get back to their owners, as well as finding animals in need, a new home or foster.

She is also very active in the Feline TNR community in the valley. (Trap Neuter Return)

Chelle has been a cat owner since she was a little girl and all of her life she knew she wanted to work with animals. In addition to joining the AHS team in 2013, she started her own very successful “Cat Sitting” business, which caters to cats only.

She is known around the office as “The Cat Lady”, as she has one Ragdoll, named “Gigi”, a Tuxedo, named “Babee Gyrl” and FIVE Siamese of her own – “CoCo”, “Mailee”, “Bella”, “Nieko”,and “Princess Zia”. She obviously has a soft spot for Siamese kitties!